has MOVED to Edublogs.org. I have loved WordPress.com.  It has been AWESOME.  However our school blocks WordPress.com.  In order for the kids to get the full use of the site and be able to post comments after labs and actually access the website at school, Edublogs is the logical next step. It is specifically designed for educators.

Changes in Website/Formatting Issues
The move has been pretty simple with a few hitches in their video formatting (I have to redo videos in Youtube and our slideshows).  Hopefully this will be fixed soon.  In the meantime, you can always check out the pictures and videos here.  One of the cool things about Edublogs is that is allows me to have cool gadgets because they allow “javascript”.  Well that’s about it.

New Site
Come on over and see me at www.adventuresinscience.edublogs.orgPlease update your bookmarks.  You will notice the site looks pretty much the same.  See you there!! : -)